Zorb attractions



Rentals and sales of mobile amusement rides.

Zorb.lv offers organization of corporate events. We distribute mobile rides for active recreation events.

We also offer for rent or purchase mobile rides of all kinds for events such as:

Publicity and promotional events Meeting of foreign guests
Zorb shows Stag parties
Corporate parties Hen parties
Team-building events Graduate proms
County and council competitions Weddings
Sports games Birthdays
Olympics Family celebrations


You are welcome to enjoy our rides:


Zorb ball is a double-sectioned sphere with a diameter of 3.2 m (~10.5 ft), where an outer inflated layer acts as a shock absorber for riders placed inside the sphere. You get inside the ball through lateral openings and after you’ve been thoroughly fastened with special straps that keep you in place you start a breathtaking roll down from a hill. Transparency of the sphere makes the process even more exciting. You can’t imagine the feeling… earth, sky, earth, sky… again and again…


Water zorbing is zorbing on water surface: walking, running, fitness gymnastics. Key idea of water zorbing is to walk over the water surface marching in a 3 meters long cylinder. However, as the zorb runs in an opposite direction from under the zorbonaut’s feet, it becomes difficult to stay on feet, especially if there are two or three people inside and each of them runs at a different speed. Both the participants and their fans on the beach are guaranteed lots of fun and laughter. And the main thing is that, in contrast to regular single-layer waterballs, it is great to stay inside water zorbs, as you can breathe there (thanks to the openings on both sides of the cylinder).


Waterball or water balloon is a transparent sphere with a diameter of 2 meters made of dense TPU. The rider enters the ball through the opening. The ball gets zipped up with a special waterproof zipper and then filled with air. You can move over water surface staying inside the ball – crawl, run, or just sit or lie down. There will be enough breathing air in the ball for half an hour!


Ever dreamed of walking on water? Well, your dream’s come true! The only thing you need are inflatable boots. You can use water boots to glide on the water or even play various games – time trials or trying to make your opponent loose balance. It’s all up to your imagination and sense of balance.


Aquaskippers or water kangaroos, as they are called in Latvia, are the fastest of the modern water vehicles driven by muscular strength. With two hydrofoils the device may fly above water. The only thing aquaskipper needs to move forward is someone to drive it using muscular effort. Enjoy the opportunity to skip like a stone across the water!


Walking by leaps and bounds is easy if you have a seven-league boots or jumpers! Jumpers are meant for extreme sports, fitness, workouts, etc. You can spring as high as 2 meters, run at an incredible speed, and practice various acrobatic feats. You just have to learn the trick of it!


Bumperball is a ball of 1,5 m in diameter consisting of six segments filled with air. You put it on like a spacesuit and you can turn somersaults, go pushing and shoving. Whatever you do, you’ll never be hurt, as bumperballs are totally safe. And if you make two teams and try to play football, there will be enough laughter, fun, and positive emotions both for the participants and the audience.


New, hitherto unseen vehicle – skatecycle can be called a new generation skateboard. It is not longer a board on wheels, but rather two wheels connected by an aluminium swing joint. A skatecyclist puts his/her feet on the footrests mounted in each of the 23 cm wheels and controls the skatecycle mainly by twisting legs. The weight of skatecycle is 3 kg and it is easy to fold to fit a small box for storage or transportation.


Jumpers, also known as PoGo stick (Pohlmann und Goppel stick) is a jumping device consisting of a stick with a spring and a steering wheel, a footrest, and a rubber bump stop mounted on it. By pressing the spring with your feet you make it produce a rebound.


These are boots fitted with springs worn over your regular sneakers. Kangoo Jumps is a great assistant provides reduction of load for up to 60% when running or walking, as well allows moving at a greater speed.


Sand skies or giants’ skies offer a popular team attraction where five team members try to walk in the same rhythm covering a certain distance to beat competitors in terms of time. The main thing is do not fall, as if one falls, all the rest would fall too.


Self-balancing gyroscopic unicycle Air Wheel is one of the most ingenious modern vehicles controlled by body balancing. The rider can control it by leaning forward or backward. Forward bend accelerates the scooter, while back bend slows it down. As with cycling, turns and balancing are achieved by slight side bends.


High-tech gyroscopic platform Mini Segway controlled by tilting one’s body is a perfect gear for relay races that will give joy and lots of fun!



Rent one large or two small rides a day (2 working hours) at 200 Eur. We also offer delivery of our attractions and on-site servicing.

Instructor’s fee is 30 Eur per instructor. In the case of Hill Zorbing a minimum of 2 instructors is required.

We are based in Riga. Cost of two-way delivery is 0.35 Eur/km. Minimal cost of delivery — 30 Eur. Delivery is available to any place both in the Baltics and further at your request.

Discounts are available for rent of several rides and/or rent for several days.


Mobile attractions from zorb.lv is a perfect solution for outdoor activities at corporate events, group trainings and competitions.

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Mini-segways and Air Wheels for your stag party.

Ever met things you loved at first sight, but never had a chance to try?
And now we offer two of them! Two kinds of electrical scooters — mini segway and unicylce will bring never forgettable impressions to your party.







These are an attraction that will bring the ultimate experience to your party. And afterwards you will most certainly claim to your friends:


I know what a mono wheel is! I rode it at my stag party in Riga!

Our offer includes a 2 hour ride on 2 unicycle air wheel + 2 mini segway scooters.

Price — 200 eur.

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Latest information on Zorb.lv activities is available on FACEBOOK.


Information on upcoming open zorbing activities in Riga at Dzeguzkalns and Lucavsala is available on FACEBOOK.


You can also order a custom zorbing for your party or any other attractions on our site for ANY DAY OF YOUR CHOICE. 

Zorbing, aquaskipper, water boots, jolly jumpers, zorb football, and many other mobile attractions for rent are waiting for you. 

All gift cards expiring during off-seazon can be extended till the next summer season by calling 29535888 or using the contact form.

Gift cards should be registrered by e-mail or phone before use. 

Tickets and gift cards are available here or on gift agency sites www.davanuserviss.lv, www.bilesuserviss.lv, www.zemenitessniega.lv, www.postcard.lv, www.visasdavanas.lv

Please remember that as water zorbing involves water we recommend using swimming suits and having towels with you. Zorbings take place ONLY in fine weather. Call us at 29535888 before you go to make sure whether the attraction is available on the specific day and to book the exact time. Join us!


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