Aquaskipper – new technologies and unforgettable impressions!

[:en]Aquaskipper or a water bird is the quickest of modern means of travel that moves with human muscle power. Due to its two underwater wings the device can fly over the water. But in order for an aquaskipper to operate a person riding it is required to move it forward using his muscle power. Enjoy the possibility to jump over water like a pond-skater! As with zorbings there are several theories about who actually invented an aquaskipper. More details you can find here.


On dry and warm summer sundays offers aquaskipper outings on Babelitis lake. The price of the gift card for one person is 10 Ls. Lessons on how to ride an aquaskipper are included. Outings take place if at least 10 persons applied. Lessons arу organized for all, thereafter every person gets a turn to try and ride an aquaskipper. You ride till you learn or get tired.

Safety instructions:



We advice to take a swimsuit and a towel with you, as well as you should wear water sport shoes (or shoes with rubber sole) during the riding. The safe jacket will be given to you by our personnel.




Also, we offer you to buy an aquaskipper. The supply kit consists of an aquaskipper, a buoy and a bag. The price of the kit is 500 Eur +VAT. Delivery within Riga is free. An aquaskipper is packed non-assambled in a special bag with the dimensions of 100 cm/ 80 cm/ 15 cm. The kit’s full weight is 20 kg




Practical advice to an aquaskipper buyer:  

You should wear water shoes during the ride. Minimal speed should be no less than 8 km/h. Maximal speed is 30 km/h. When you are not able to ride safe during the training course, we advice you to tie aquaskipper with a 40-50 meter long string. It accelerates the learning process iteratively and saves your power, which you can lose trying to return aquaskipper back to the shore.


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