Ideas for hen party. Harley-Davidson ride

Ideas for hen parties. Harley-Davidson motorcycle riding

Present a splendid surprise to your friend’s hen or birthday party: a 20-30 minute Riga ride on Harley together with a real biker.


Let her feel Riga in motion and enjoy its beauty in the fresh air! Let the traffic jams leave behind: only wind is ahead!

Speed. The sharp feelings. A life. Pleasure. The Wind in your ears. Hair in the wind. Breathtaking feelings!

photo by Oksana Gordejeva,

  • All pilots have 10+ year riding experience.
  • The offer is valid only in the summer season and for the fair sex representatives only in the age started from 14 years (for minors – only in the presence of their parents). 
  • 20-30 minutes time will be enough to catch all Riga – from it’s center to any of its suburbs or backward. There is an option to choose own route as well.
  • Application for a trip must be submitted at least 2 days before the proposed event.
  • It is also possible to organize a photo shoot by a professional photographer.


Life is too short to miss such a trip experience!


And who needs strippers?! 🙂

Experience shows are self-made routes made by party organizers are most popular: to meet the girl surprisingly at her work or home and to ride her to the party location.

The price – 50 Eur/person.

The gift cards bought on are valid without time limitation until they used.

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