Terms of Use

1. It is forbidden to approach Zorb / water roller without the instructor.
2. All on-site instructor’s orders should be executed unconditionally and immediately.
3. people with below illnesses are not allowed to use zorb / water roller:
– Рeart failure;
– Epilepsy;
– Вiabetes;
– Osteoporosis;
as well as other diseases which may lead to complications or injury.
4. Zorbing is not allowed for persons in a condition of alcoholic or narcotic intoxication;
5. Zorbing can cause injury in case of:
– Failure of instructor’s guidance;
– When trying to rolldown the mountain independently (without instructors);
– When you try to change the position of the body fixing during the rolldown;
– When you try to get out of zorb / water roller on your own;
– When piercing and cutting items (jewelry, keys, shoes with heels) were not taken away at the start.
6. Persons who interfere the rolldown on the launch pad, slope of the hill or the finish, thereby provoking zorbonaut a threat to health, are to remove immediately from the site, and will be not allowed to zorbs in the future.
7. One zorbonaut’s allowed maximal weight – 100 kg.
8. The instructor shall not be liable in the following cases:
– Getting your own fault injury;
– Failure of instructor’s guidance that resulted in injury;
– Hiding any previously received and untreated injuries and diseases that may adversely affect your health.
When deciding to do zorbing, you take responsibility for your health.With the above warning read, I confirm that I use zorb / water roller voluntarily and take responsibility for my own