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Hen Do: Harley-Davidson motorcycle riding

photo by Oksana Gordejeva, www.OSGphoto.com

Present a splendid surprise to your friend’s hen or birthday party: a 20-30 minute Riga ride on Harley together with a real biker.

Let her feel Riga in motion and enjoy its beauty in the fresh air! Let the traffic jams leave behind: only wind is ahead!

Speed. The sharp feelings. A life. Pleasure. The Wind in your ears. Hair in the wind. Breathtaking feelings!

All pilots have 10+ year riding experience.
The offer is valid only in the summer season and for the fair sex representatives only in the age started from 14 years (for minors — only in the presence of their parents).

20-30 minutes time will be enough to catch all Riga — from it’s center to any of its suburbs or backward. There is an option to choose own route as well.
Application for a trip must be submitted at least 2 days before the proposed event.
It is also possible to organize a photo shoot by a professional photographer.

Life is too short to miss such a trip experience!

And who needs strippers?! 🙂

Experience shows are self-made routes made by party organizers are most popular: to meet the girl surprisingly at her work or home and to ride her to the party location.

The price — 50 Eur/person.

The gift cards bought on Sikumi.lv are valid without time limitation until they used.

Stag Party: Hill Zorbing

hill zorb 1

Everybody knows that a stag party is like a bachelor party, where the groom wails the last day of his free life before getting married. Opposite to that a hen party is a sort of celebration showing to the others happiness and successful end of family building.

However there is one common activity that can unite both stag and hen parties giving them extreme, satisfaction and joy without getting caught for pawing a strip-girl, and its name is zorbing.ZORB (Z-orbit) is an air pumped sphere (diameter 3,2 m) inside another sphere, where the layer of air separates one sphere from another. You get inside the ball through the lateral openings, and after you’ve been thoroughly fastened with special belts to its surface, you start a breathtaking roll down from a hill. The roll down becomes even more exciting since the ball is totally transparent.

Zorbing is definitely the one activity in Riga that your friends will remember for a long time. Its a greatest adventure activity to come to Latvia. Riga Zorbing is guaranteed to be nothing like you have experienced before and is suitable for groups starting from 5 up to 40 or more people.

Price per person starting from € 10.

Please note, as opposed to other bachelor and bachelorette party offers in Riga and Latvia our zorbs are NOT filled with freezing water. You don’t have to wear any kind of diving suite. Also, you don’t have to worry about your nose accidentally broken by your knee due to the absence of harnesses.As opposed to the similar offers, our zorbs are clean and dry. They are also equipped with safe straps allowing two persons to roll down simultaneously.

Zorbing is the shiniest and most memorized Riga stag do activity that is offered every day all the year round, just for you and your friends. Opposite to usual party and social gathering ingredients like drinking alcohol and gambling, or going to a strip club and hiring a stripper, zorbing is a healthy activity that will be certainly supported by your better half :).

We can also organize transfer and accommodation for your group as well as assist with the right party places in Riga, so that you will feel yourself safe and all you will have to do during your stag or hen weekend is to enjoy yourself!

Vecpuišu ballīte: ivriteņu skuteri Mini Segway un vienriteņa skuteri Air Wheels


Labākā izvēle vecpuišu ballītei: izmēģiniet jaunos elektriskos skuterus!Vai jums ir gadījies sastapt lietas, kas jūs ieinteresēja no pirmā acu uzmetiena, bet ko neizdevās ne reizi izmēģināt? Piedāvājam jūsu izvēlei divas no tām: divi elektrisko atrakciju veidi – divriteņu (Mini Segway) un vienriteņa (Unicylce) pašbalansējošos mini-skuterus.

Šīs atrakcijas padarīs jūsu vecpuišu ballīti patiesi neaizmirstamu, un vēlāk jūs noteikti varēsiet lepni apgalvot: Es zinu, kas ir monocikls! Es apguvu to manā vecpuišu ballītē Rīgā!

Mūsu piedāvājums ietver 2 stundu vizināšanos ar 2 vienriteņa skuteriem Air Wheel + 2 divriteņu skuteriem Mini Segway.

Cena – 200 EUR.


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