Medieval target shooting range

The throwing of weapons follows the man from the Stone Age. The first stone that was thrown into the mammoth started the most incredible evolution of flying objects, which was necessary for human survival.
No matter how many kinds of activities are available at your event, there will always long line to the target shooting range. And it’s not surprising! Because this attraction is an opportunity for everyone to try their hand in the real military case and find out how useful would you be in the battlefield!
We organize off-premise shooting sessions anywhere: outdoors and indoors. The only thing that matters there must be enough space for shooting.

You will be able to shoot in civilized and safe conditions under the guidance of an experienced instructor in our shooting range.
The Medieval shooting competition will be a great addition to the main entertainment program of your event.

In our mobile target shooting range, you will have possibility to shoot to the target until the point of exhaustion, or organize a competition between friends: who can shoot the longest distance.

Due to the fact that our armours are real, all they have the highest security requirements!

200 EUR – for each pair of two weapons
+100 EUR – extra pair of weapons

Knife throwing

Knife throwing is a true art what not everyone can master.
But we promise to teach everyone to throw knives. Our instructor will quickly explain the wisdom of this complex sport activity. And then you will be able easily show your skills to your friends.

Be sure to include a knife shooting range in your sports game program. This discipline is great for different kind of events.

Throwing of axes

Throwing the axe is a true men attraction that came to us from deep ages, when it was not entertainment issue, but the skill human life was depended on. Successfully thrown ax could stop the enemies or kill wild animals.
Therefore, if you place an ax throwing shooting range at your event, all guests will have a genetic flashbacks and everyone will want to throw his axe.


2 x 1
Pocket Shot slingshot arrow shooting

When we are talking about a slingshot shooting, we are thinking about a thug firing to bird nests and homeless cats on the backyard. However, slingshot shooting is as popular sport activity as archery, with the only difference that the slingshot shooting is not included in the Olympic Games program.

2 x2
The ninja shurikens (stars) throwing

Do your kids love Ninja Turtles? If they do, at the next children’s party, the ninja shuriken throwing range will be very useful.
As everyone knows shuriken is the true weapon of all real ninjas!
However, it is worth to mark that our shurikens are real, so also for adults will be interesting to try their hand in ninja stars throwing.


Bow and spear. Archery shooting

Even an experienced archer needs to practice before a real archery battle. The archery shooting range is ideal for this purpose. It is suitable for all ages, as even young children will be interested in hitting the target to win their parents.
It is possible to organize competitions in which a winner will be that who reach all goals or hit all the bottles in the shortest time.

3 x 2
Bows and spears. Spear target throwing



The spears allow you to test both precision and power, which will make this attraction the most successful not only for themed parties, but also for sports games.






What's included:

For the first pair of two weapons  – 200 EUR
For extra pair of weapons – +100 EUR



Duration of the attraction – 2 hours. This takes instructing, and the activity itself.

Dress code

Sporting clothing and shoes are required.


  • The activity takes place every day 24/7 only upon appointment by phone +371 29535888.
  • By default warm weather the activity is held outdoors.
  • Indoor option is available upon request.

For your attention

  • The activity is not recommended: for pregnant women, people suffering from heart failure, people with epilepsy, people diagnosed with diabetes, as well as those who have recently received various injuries.
  • You can use the attraction if you are at least 18 years old or at the age of 13 with the written permission of parents or in the presence of a parent / guardian.
  • This activity needs big attention. Using of attraction is possible only on your own free will and you retaking the responsibility for your health.

Off-premise rental conditions

  • Ordinary ride rent is 200 Eur for 2 activity hours.
  • Delivery and service are calculated additionally.
  • The instructor’s royalty is 30 Eur for two hours.
  • Delivery is 0.35 Eur / km in both directions, but not less than 30 Eur.
    All prices + VAT 21%.

Delivery of rides is possible anywhere in the Baltic States and beyond.
Discounts are available for renting of several attractions and / or several days of renting.



  • At least 1 instructor is required for the activity.
  • The activity venue should be prepared in advance.
  • When participating in the activity in winter or when the air temperature is below + 10°C, indoor premises are recommended, with an hour rental price of 30 Eur + VAT.
  • Gift Cards for all attractions are available at the Gift Shop – Warehouse and other gifts ideas agencies.
  • It is advisable to pre-register coupons and gift cards by e-mail or phone.
  • open events are available ONLY on good weather. Please contact us to check the fact and time of the event happening before you go.
  • The most actual information about the closer activities you can check on our FACEBOOK page.

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