Inflatable 6m² pool for water attractions

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Our inflatable pool is intended to solve the sole purpose at mass events: it is created to provide water activities in areas where is no access to natural water ponds.

You can run in our pool the following attractions:

  • 3 x water zorb balls,
  • 2 x water zorbs,
  • 3 x sets of water boots,
  • or even our proud giant flamingo.

What's included:

  • Inflatable pool for water attractions 6m x 6 m, depth 35 cm – 1 pc,
  • 220V Blower x 1 pc,
  • Euro-palette podest x 1 pc.



Duration of the attraction – 2 hours. This takes the activity itself.

Dress Code

Sporting clothing, especially no shoes are required. It is also desirable to leave glasses, coins, phone, keys behind the attraction venue.


  • The activity takes place every day 24/7 only upon appointment by phone +371 29535888.
  • By default warm weather the activity is held outdoors.
  • Indoor option is available upon request.


For your attention

  • The activity is not recommended: for pregnant women, people suffering from heart failure, people with epilepsy, people diagnosed with diabetes, as well as those who have recently received various injuries.
  • You can use the attraction if you are at least 18 years old or at the age of 13 with the written permission of parents or in the presence of a parent / guardian.
  • This activity needs big attention. Using of attraction is possible only on your own free will and you retaking the responsibility for your health.

Off-premise rental conditions

  • Ordinary ride rent is 200 Eur for 2 activity hours.
  • We need at least 1 hour to prepare the pool.
  • The basin needs tap water to be poured.
  • Delivery and service are calculated additionally.
  • The instructor’s royalty is 30 Eur for two hours.
  • Delivery is 0.35 Eur / km in both directions, but not less than 30 Eur.
    All prices + VAT 21%.

Delivery of rides is possible anywhere in the Baltic States and beyond.
Discounts are available for renting of several attractions and / or several days of renting.


  • At least 1 instructor is required for the activity.
  • The activity venue should be prepared in advance.
  • We need at least 1 hour to inflate the basin.
  • The basin needs tap water to be poured.
  • When participating in the activity in winter or when the air temperature is below + 10°C, indoor premises are recommended, with an hour rental price of 30 Eur + VAT.
  • Gift Cards for all attractions are available at the Gift Shop – Warehouse and other gifts ideas agencies.
  • It is advisable to pre-register coupons and gift cards by e-mail or phone.
  • open events are available ONLY on good weather. Please contact us to check the fact and time of the event happening before you go.
  • The most actual information about the closer activities you can check on our FACEBOOK page.

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