Zorb Football Bumperball Soccer in Latvia – best activity for stag parties and coprorate team buidings

Bumperball or a zorb soccer ball is a ball of 1,5 m in diameter consisting of six segments filled with air. You put it on like a spacesuit and you can turn somersaults, go pushing and shoving. Whatever you do, you’ll never be hurt, as bumperballs are totally safe.

And if you make two teams and try to play football, there will be enough laughter, fun, and positive emotions both for the participants and the audience.

Zorb.lv can simultaneously offer up to 36 bumperballs for adults or children.

What's included:

  • Zorb soccer bubble balls x 10 pcs
  • 220 V pump x 1 pccones to mark the perimeter of the gate x 4 + 4 pcs
  • Orange waistcoats to differ players x 5 pcs
  • football ball x 1 pc

Price (tax excl.):

from 25€/h per 1 person


up to 36 balls


Duration of the game – 1 hour. This takes instructing, and the game itself.

Dress code

Sporting clothing, especially sport shoes are required. The clothing should not contain sharp edges, and / or heels. It is also desirable to leave glasses, coins, phone, keys behind the game field.


The activity takes place every day 24/7 only upon appointment by phone +371 29535888. By default warm wheater the game is held outdoors. Indoor option is available upon request.

For your attention

  • The activity is not recommended: for pregnant women, people suffering from heart failure, people with epilepsy, people diagnosed with diabetes, as well as those who have recently received various injuries.
  • You can use the attraction if you are at least 18 years old or at the age of 13 with the written permission of parents or in the presence of a parent / guardian.
  • This activity needs big attention. Using of attraction is possible only on your own free will and you retaking the responsibility for your health.

Off-premise rental conditions

  • Ordinary ride rent is starting from 25 Eur / hour for 1 player.
  • Shipping and service are calculated additionally.
  • The instructor’s royalty is 30 Eur for the two hours.
  • Delivery is 0.35 Eur / km in both directions, but not less than 30 Eur.
  • This attraction requires a 220V power supply (if a power supply is not available, we recommend renting a car inverter with 12v battery – 20 Eur).
  • All prices + VAT 21%
  • Delivery of rides is possible anywhere in the Baltic States and beyond.
  • Discounts are available for renting of several attractions and / or several days of renting.



  • At least 1 instructor is required for the activity.
  • The activity venue should be prepared in advance.
  • We need at least 60 min time to prepare the equipment before the start of activity.
  • When participating in the activity in winter or when the air temperature is below + 10°C, indoor premises are recommended, with an hour rental price of 30 Eur + VAT.
  • Gift Cards for all attractions are available at the Sikumi.lv Gift Shop – Warehouse and other gifts ideas agencies.
  • It is advisable to pre-register coupons and gift cards by e-mail or phone.
  • Zorb.lv open events are available ONLY on good weather. Please contact us to check the fact and time of the event happening before you go.
  • The most actual information about the closer Zorb.lv activities you can check on our FACEBOOK page.

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