How to entertain children during adult holidays?

Activities for Hyperactive Kids. offers a Basic Outdoor Survival program course, which is intended for young people starting from the age of 10.
The length of the program is from 2 to 8 hours, depending on the length of the chosen attractions and the children abilities as well. We offer to include the following activities in the program:

  • 1-2 h contactless paintball Lasertag,
  • Zorb football in big bubble balls or
  • Archery tag battle game, where 2 teams shoot each other with bows and arrows with small foam caps on tops.


If there is a pond near the  venue, it is possible

  • to go for a row,
  • to roll in water zorb,
  • to walk in the water ball,
  • to slip through the water surface in water boots or
  • to ride a water surf-bicycle.


When dinner time comes...

Please see the relevant offers in the Entertainment Ideas section

But when the lunch time comes, let’s arrange fun relays or simple scout contest, where a team winns that will make a fire faster and/or with a smaller amount of matches. Roasting of sausages and marshmallows on the campfire comes as a bonus.

Atfer tasty dinner...


folks will be happy to draw henna tattoos on prepared drawings



But when the silence hour time comes...

let’s hack up the hammocks learning to tie the knots.

Prices for both of these activities will be offered upon request. hosts have years of experience working with children, especially in the following areas:

  • Surviving In The Forest,
  • Summer camp services,
  • Seminars conducting,
  • Team building events,
  • Competitions Organizing.

Please contact us and there will be peace at the parents’ table on your home holiday!


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