Amusement trade is the official distributor for one of the largest manufacturers of inflatable attractions in China, so we offer good quality products, unlike analogues produced in China, furthermore we have a much more advantageous price compared to the analogues produced in Europe or wherever.

Our supplier’s factory has a real quality control department that guarantees that your zorbs seams will stay always tight and its harnesses will not break somedays.

Each attraction supply kit also includes a pump.


Make money renting zorb balls!

Price: 500 Eur +PVN

Water zorb ball is the most simple to organize water attraction, which has fastest money recovery.

Experiments by rivers, lakes and pools proved that water zorbs mean 100% success!

People tend to relax, swim and rejoice in summer. So let them help spend time having fun!

It’s not a business that needs big investment, it’s your chance to earn money in the summer, making people what they like.

You need only a pond where people rest to organize zorb water ball business. And it can even be a city channel or park!

That’s all depends only on where you agreed to the owner.

Just take a look at the guys in Mayori in Riga Beach Jurmala, or “Lido” recreation centre at Krasta Street in Riga – they got it together! Why will not you success?

We hace always some zorbs and water zorb balls in warehouse, which means that the delivery can take place on the day of payment.

The Zorb Water Ball has diameter of 2 meters and it is a single-layer sphere in which a person moves forward on any horizontal surface, including water.


Water zorb, diameter 3.0 x 2.5 m.

Price: 1500 Eur +PVN

The water zorb is a two-layer sphere, separated by a 70-centimeter airbag. Up to 3 people can walk and roll up in the Water Zorb along the water at the same time.


Hill Zorb, diameter 3,2 m.

Price: 2000 Eur +PVN

Handling ZORB as a mountain attraction 2 people can roll down in the hill Zorb simultaneously, but the Zorb can also be used as a water attraction, i.e. by attaching it to a cutter.

Supply kit includes:

  • Hydroproof TIZIP,
  • 2 fastening harnesses,
  • 2 security suspensions,
  • 2 entrances to zorb
  • Special harness for use with a boat.


Inflatable water boots, length 150 cm.

Price: 300 Eur +PVN

Now you can turn in Jesus and walk on the water, as he did it. The only thing you need are inflatable boots. Our water boots can slip over the water surface and you can even play different games with them like to run a certain distance or try to knock your opponent off his feet.


Jumping or Spring Stilts

Cena: 300 Eur +PVN

It is easy to walk seven-foot steps if you have high-speed boot! Jumping Stilts are inventory for extreme sports, fitness, workouts and absolute extreme. You can jump at a height of 2 meters, run at incredible speeds and perform various tricks wearing these high-speed boots. Just learn how to do it!


Zorb Soccer - BUMPERBALL

Cena: 500 Eur +PVN

Bamperball Zorb football is a 1.5m diameter inflatable ball. You put it on yourself as a backpack, and you can roll, fall and push the others. Whatever you do, you will not be injured because the bumper zorbs are absolutely safe. But if  you create two teams and play football like soccer, there will be a lot of laughter, fun and positive vibes for both participants and viewers.



Cena: 200 Eur +PVN

This is a new, previously unseen vehicle which is like a skateboard but it has two wheels. Skate cycle can be called a token for new generation of skateboarding. This is no longer a wheeled board, but there are two wheels connected to each other by an aluminum swivel joint. The pilot stays on the rails mounted on each 23 cm wheel and runs like a skateboard, mainly due to foot turns. The skatecycle has a weight of 3 kg and can easily be placed in a small box for transportation.



Cena: 400 Eur +PVN

Jumper, also known as Pogo sticks, i.e. Polman and Goppel stick, is a device for jumping, consisting of a bar with a spring on which a handlebar, footboards and shock-absorbing rubber nozzle are mounted. The pilot presses the spring with his feet, and the spring creates an impulse.


But now let’s draw up a business plan. We suppose you buy 2 water balls at 500 EUR + VAT. The amount is 1210 Eur. You rent a pound  at around 150 Eur per month.

You can rent water balls for 5 Eur for 5-7 minutes, as others do. You work 8 hours a day.

Each customer is consumed between 10 and 15 minutes.

Let’s calcule the lunch breaks, and you will can serve around 30 people per shift.

Two water balls – 60 people.

Of course, you won’t always get a full booking, so let’s say assume a third of the time the attraction will be not claimed. There can be bad weather conditions or little flow on weekdays.

For 1 day you get 60/3 = 20 people, each brings you 5 € = 100
Eur. And you have invested 1210 Eur. After 14 days you will get your investment back and your balls will work for your profit!

You can obtain a credit in 5 minutes nowadays. And you will be able to
pay it back in 2 weeks.
And even if your business fails for some reason, you will be able to sell the Zorb balls with profit!

Call us, we always have a couple of Zorb balls available at our warehouse for you!


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