Attractions for City Fests

Summer is the time when small towns in all Latvian regions arrange town festivals. This is the time when both locals and visitors head off to beaches or parks to relax with their friends and families. Therefore, local councils always try to offer something new make their guests happy. has been cooperating successfully with folk houses and local councils in organizing town festivals all over Latvia for more than 7 years.

Archery Tag Bow Shooting Game


Archery Tag is played with a bow and arrows with foam tips. This exciting, action-packed game offers a friendly experience and involves the active participation of each player. Do not miss the unique impressions of the Battle of the Archers! The rules of the game are similar to paintball, airsoft or ordinary hopscotch: players need to tag out members of the other team using a special bow and arrows with soft tips. The game can be played outdoors and indoors as well. It is recommended to organize the game on an area of ​​not less than 20 m x 30 m.

Two teams consisting up to 6 players, each of them has 1 life. The player shoots an arrow to tag the players from opponent team. The players can hide below the 4 inflatable bunkers. Catching the arrow during its flight gives extra life. The arrows on the ground can be shot again.

You can play different games:

1. Team against team

Two teams, each against the other. Learn to improve your archery skills and dodge arrows!

2. Dodgeball

The leader stands with a bow oppsite to others players and shoots to them duyring they’re running from one end to the other, one after the other. The last standing player remains the new leader.

3. Stag /hen / revelers parade

All players stand in a line, ready to shoot arrows at a running stag, who is trying to avoid as many arrows as possible.

4. Catching the flag

Does anyone really need an explanation?

5. The last man standing

Players stand in a circle and each of them defends only himself after the game is starting.

Is archery tag dangerous? – NO!

  • Bows have a shooting power of 20 lbs
  • Arrows have soft tips,
  • All players wear protective masks on their faces.


NB! As a simplified version of this attraction, we can offer archery shooting target range.

Giant Inflatable Darts Football Target


Playing darts with sticky soccer balls

This funny sports game is about hitting the huge inflatable target with a special sticky soccer ball.
But please pay attention to the white and black stripes on it!
Each player from the pair will have his own color and hitting only his own field will be counted by the judge.

Hill zorbing: Hill Rolldown inside a 3.2m Zorb

hill zorb 1

Rolldown a hill inside a Giant Hill Zorb

Zorb ball is a double-sectioned sphere with a diameter of 3.2 m (~10.5 ft), where an outer inflated layer acts as a shock absorber for riders placed inside the sphere.
You get inside the ball through lateral openings and after you’ve been thoroughly fastened with special straps that keep you in place you start a breathtaking roll down from a hill.
Transparency of the sphere makes the process even more exciting. You can’t imagine the feeling… earth, sky, earth, sky… again and again…

Water Zorb Roller


Water zorbing is zorbing on water surface: walking, running, fitness gymnastics. Key idea of water zorbing is to walk over the water surface marching in a 3 meters long cylinder. However, as the zorb runs in an opposite direction from under the zorbonaut’s feet, it becomes difficult to stay on feet, especially if there are two or three people inside and each of them runs at a different speed. Both the participants and their fans on the beach are guaranteed lots of fun and laughter. And the main thing is that, in contrast to regular single-layer waterballs, it is great to stay inside water zorbs, as you can breathe there (thanks to the openings on both sides of the cylinder).

Zorb waterballs – WATER BALLS for sports games, corporate events, city holidays and family celebrations


Waterball or water balloon is a transparent sphere with a diameter of 2 meters made of dense TPU. The rider enters the ball through the opening. The ball gets zipped up with a special waterproof zipper and then filled with air. You can move over water surface staying inside the ball – crawl, run, or just sit or lie down. There will be enough breathing air in the ball for half an hour!


  • Waterball can be also used as a ball for zorb volleyball game as you can see in pictures.
  • We also offer ballet dancer show inside zorb water ball. Please check the article Coprorate Events Offer.

Jolly Jumpers Bionic Boots


Walking by leaps and bounds is easy if you have a seven-league boots or jumpers! Jumpers are meant for extreme sports, fitness, workouts, etc. You can spring as high as 2 meters, run at an incredible speed, and practice various acrobatic feats. You just have to learn the trick of it!

Kangoo Jumps Fitness Boots


These are boots fitted with springs worn over your regular sneakers. Kangoo Jumps is a great assistant provides reduction of load for up to 60% when running or walking, as well allows moving at a greater speed.

Pogo Stick Jumpers


Jumpers, also known as PoGo stick (Pohlmann und Goppel stick) is a jumping device consisting of a stick with a spring and a steering wheel, a footrest, and a rubber bump stop mounted on it. By pressing the spring with your feet you make it produce a rebound.

Htc Vive Virtual Reality room


We are introducing the most exciting world of 3D games for your team, which can be deployed even in the darkest forest! Experienced instructor will install for each user exactly the game that will be most enjoyable for him.


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