Ideas for Corporate Events


To rolldown the hill inside a Zorb

hill zorb 1

Zorb ball is a double-sectioned sphere with a diameter of 3.2 m (~10.5 ft), where an outer inflated layer acts as a shock absorber for riders placed inside the sphere. You get inside the ball through lateral openings and after you’ve been thoroughly fastened with special straps that keep you in place you start a breathtaking roll down from a hill. Transparency of the sphere makes the process even more exciting. You can’t imagine the feeling… earth, sky, earth, sky… again and again…


To rollover inside a water Zorb


Water zorbing is zorbing on water surface: walking, running, fitness gymnastics. Key idea of water zorbing is to walk over the water surface marching in a 3 meters long cylinder. However, as the zorb runs in an opposite direction from under the zorbonaut’s feet, it becomes difficult to stay on feet, especially if there are two or three people inside and each of them runs at a different speed. Both the participants and their fans on the beach are guaranteed lots of fun and laughter. And the main thing is that, in contrast to regular single-layer waterballs, it is great to stay inside water zorbs, as you can breathe there.


To play inside a water ball


Waterball or water balloon is a transparent sphere with a diameter of 2 meters made of dense TPU. The rider enters the ball through the opening. The ball gets zipped up with a special waterproof zipper and then filled with air. You can move over water surface staying inside the ball – crawl, run, or just sit or lie down. There will be enough breathing air in the ball for half an hour!


To play volleyball with a big water ball


A 2 meter high zorb water ball is ideal playing ball for a giants volleball game. in this gorgeous game all movements of the players are made like in slow motion. Interesting for players and sightseeing for the fans this game will remain in your memories for a long time.


To dance ballet inside a water ball

We offer a gorgeous ballet dancer performance inside a zorb water ball for your corporate event. The performers we are working with are true proffesionals and represent the best Latvian ballet schools. A group performance of three girls is available as an option.


To make fun inside a giant flamingo


We offer for rental for your corporate event or sports games our giant pink flamingo, which can place up to 8 adults, its size is 530*470*210cm. It is ideal to use as a floating island for water relax in any closed water tank, including the swimming pools. In order to make your relaxation even more enjoyable, the armrests of the floating basin have built-in drink holders.


To play Archery tag


Archery Tag is played with a bow and arrows with foam tips. This exciting, action-packed game offers a friendly experience and involves the active participation of each player. Do not miss the unique impressions of the Battle of the Archers! The rules of the game are similar to paintball, airsoft or ordinary hopscotch: players need to tag out members of the other team using a special bow and arrows with soft tips. The game can be played outdoors and indoors as well. It is recommended to organize the game on an area of ​​not less than 20 m x 30 m. Two teams consisting up to 6 players, each of them has 1 life.


Dive into Virtual reality


We are introducing the most exciting world of 3D games for your team, which can be deployed even in the darkest forest! Experienced instructor will install for each user exactly the game that will be most enjoyable for him.


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