Stag and Hen parties in Riga: some pluses without minuses

It is profitable to hold a bachelor party or a corporate party in Riga due to

  1. cheap Ryanair and Wizzair air tickets,
  2. prices in bars,
  3. as well as accommodation,

and you will find only with us the most popular and successful option for your holiday!

Just order our services and we will select the activity individually for your needs to spend a stag party with without any worries and exclude all force majeure situations.

Any of your wishes will be taken into account and you will definitely have the opportunity to show up your initiative, which will make your holiday unique and memorable for a long time!

So what will you get?

Money and nerves saving, and high-quality organization of your holiday, theme party, stag or hen do or a corporate event.

Our team of professionals will prepare everything in such a way that you will relax with your guests, and not worry about organizing the activities.


We offer to provide any of our attractions at our venue in Riga or deliver equipment for an event on your field.

Don’t miss the opportunity to contact us! You and your guests will receive a powerful boost of energy and a flurry of positive emotions for yourself and the whole company, which will remember the event in such an extraordinary style for a long time!

Below we offer some ideas but you will definitely find more checking out other pages of our site.

  • A stag do is a bachelor party, where the groom wails the last day of his free life before getting married.
  • A hen party opposite to that is a sort of celebration showing to the others happiness and successful end of family building.

Hill zorbing

hill zorb 1
Available for groups from 8 up to 40 and more persons

There is one common activity that can unite both stag and hen parties giving them extreme satisfaction and joy without getting caught for pawing a strip-girl / boy, and its name is zorbing.

ZORB (Z-orbit) is an air pumped sphere (diameter 3,2 m), where the layer of air separates one sphere from another. You get inside the ball through the lateral openings, and after you’ve been thoroughly fastened with harness, you start a breathtaking roll down from a hill. The roll down becomes even more exciting since the ball is totally transparent.


Bumperball is 1,5 m ball that constists of 6 air inflated segments. You wear it like a space suite and you can tumble, push, or shove. No matter what you do, you will not get injured, as the bumper ball is absolutely safe.

And if you make two bumperball teams intended to play football, there will be enough laughter, fun, and positive for everyone both for the participants themselves and for the spectators, too.

Archery Tag

Archery Tag is played with a bow and arrows tipped with PE foam. The rules of the game are similar to regular tags:

players need to knock out the members of the other team and conquer their flag with a bow and soft-tipped arrows. Each player is given:

  1. a bow,
  2. arrows,
  3. 2 protective bunkers,
  4. 1 life.

The player shoots an arrow from a bow, trying to hit a player from the opposing team.

  • Players can hide behind inflatable bunkers.
  • An arrow caught while flying gives an extra life.
  • Arrows on the ground are ready to fire again.

It’s safe? – Yes!

  • Arrows have soft tips
  • a mask will protect your eyes from arrows

Stun gun soccer, archery tag, voleyball

Here we offer a new version of the usual sports games with a remote-controlled stun guns put on each player’s leg.

  1. Electric shock football with stun remotes
  2. UTB football with stun guns
  3. Electric shock Zorb Football
  4. Electric shock Archery Tag
  5.  Electric shock Zorb Volleyball
  6. Electric shock relays

Medieval Shooting range

No matter how many kinds of activities are available at your event, there will always a long line to the target shooting range. Because this attraction is an opportunity to try their hand in the real military case and find out how useful would you be in the battlefield!

We organize off-premise shooting sessions anywhere: outdoors and indoors. The only thing that matters there must be enough space for shooting.

Giant Inflatable Darts Football Target

Playing darts with sticky soccer balls

This funny sports game is about hitting the huge inflatable target with a special sticky soccer ball.
But please pay attention to the white and black stripes on it!
Each player from the pair will have his own color and hitting only his own field will be counted by the judge.

Our Giant Football Darts is a funny way to experience healthy competition with your close friends. The game will be interesting for both adults and children.

Harley-Davidson Bride Ride

Give your girl friend a surprise at a hen or birthday party:

An unforgettable 20-30 minute ride on a chopper through Riga with a real biker. Let her feel Riga on the move and enjoy the beauty of the city in the fresh air!

Let the traffic jams be behind you: there is only wind ahead! Speed. Acute feelings. Wind along the ears. Hair in the air. The breath is thrilling!

Who needs striptease dancers?

  • The offer is valid only during the summer season and only for females (the presence of parents is needed for those who are under the age of 18).
  • The most popular route is to surprise the girl at work or at home and take her to the party venue.

Plinking or shooting at tin cans in Riga

Test your accuracy in real life!

If you have previously played Counter-Strike or other shooting games a real opportunity to test your accuracy in shooting at targets will be welcomed

Shoot at beer cans from pneumatic pistols. Choose whether you want to shoot from a Beretta or a Makarov pistol – we’ll give you them both.

Group delivery to the event venue

We will be happy to offer your group a place and transfer. You can play on our venue in Riga (Purvciems) or use one of our partner halls (additional fee comes). 

We also offer a transfer service from / to the airport / hotel / next event for your convenience.


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