Zorbing training for your company's employees

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Teambuilding ideas with Zorb.lv

There has been a wide-ranging discussion lately about the meaning of group training.

  • What do they give?
  • Can a modern company do without it?
  • Is this the right path for staff development?
Different group trainings are widely offered, but only team buliding trainings make sense. After team training, your employees will become more motivated and interested in exploits. During the training, they will get to know themselves and their colleagues better, as well as establish a closer connection with the environment.
Due to physical activity and group experience, the daily routine is broken during team biuldings. The team is consolidating.
There are several types of zorbing, from which we offer to choose the most suitable for you:
The Hill Zorbing thanks to its extreme experience your employees will look at the world with different eyes. While two of  persons prepare to rolldown the hill inside the zorb  other colleagues outside the zorb can push the zorb giving them the maximal velocity.
Zorbing on the water – is the basis of real team work. Three employees will need not only have to try to stay on their feet, but also steer the zorb in a predetermined direction. They will not reach their goal without consolidation.
 After very extreme team training, employees often feel overwhelmed, and sometimes even unnecessary conflict situations arise in the team. On the other hand, the participants of zorb training do not have too much load, they develop social skills and are able to do something new with inspiration, investing heart and soul in it.
Zorb.lv will be happy to find the most suitable type of attractions for your company’s team:
  • fun acquaintance with colleagues in an informal atmosphere,
  • focus on further development of the team.
Just remember:
  • We shall help improve the motivation of your most important asset – employees!


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