About Zorb.lv

Zorb.lv has been operating in the Baltic market since 2009 and has now become one of the leading companies in Latvia for leasing, selling and servicing all types of mobile entertainment rides.  We serve to Stag Parties, Hen Parties, Promo Events, Corporative Parties, Family Celebrations, Zorb Shows, Birthday Parties, Proms, Welcoming Foreign Friends, Group Trainings,relaxation for the whole family, a friend company or a working crew.

We are successfully cooperating with Latvian town and county councils, amusement parks, schools, summer camps, kindergartens, holiday, wedding, teambuilding and other types of event agencies, work collectives, corporate event organizers, friends’ companies, as well as several Latvian and world companies in the areas of organizing events and renting of attractions. Our partners are the following private and municipal companies:

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We sell and rent attractions for all kinds of events, as well as organize events of the full service.

Zorb.lv offers the following mobile attractions:

  • Zorb bubble football for funny team football games
  • Archery Tag Battles with archers and arrows
  • Hill Zorbs to rolldown the hill or for rolling on flat surfaces that so like the children
  • Water zorb or water roller to roll like a hamster in any water tank
  • 2-meter or 3-meter water ball to walk on water, to play zorb volleyball and to dance fancy ballet at your corporate party
  • Water boots or inflatable water ski for sliding on water
  • Jolly Jumpers High-speed boots that allow you to move quickly as a giant between trees
  • Pogo Stick Grasshopper Stick for fun jumping
  • KANGOO JUMPS spring boots for easy running
  • Skate Cycle to learn how to use new kind of vehicles
  • Skateboard Sbyke to get a new glimpse of a skateboard
  • TEAM SKIS – sand skis for teambuiding relays
  • Three meters high inflatable target with sticky ball to train shooting precision skills
  • AIR WHEELS – one-wheel gyroscope cycle for funny couple riding
  • Hoverboards – self-balancing gyroscooter for easy walking for a couple
  • Hoverboard Karting for Lightning Races on Gyroscooters
  • A huge inflatable flamingo for relaxing on calm water of a group of friends
  • Laser Tag – Contactless Paintball
  • Water skis, what do you say about them? Hold on and slide!
  • Medieval shooting for ax, knife, suriken, spear throwing and archery
  • Electric Shock Zorb football, rifle battle, zorb volleyball and funny relays with remote control electric shockers.

You can book any attractions throughout the year any day. Open events for gift card holders, on the other hand, take place on certain days after prior booking.

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Looking for an unusual gift for your friend? Sikumi.lv gift shop – warehouse offfers preety and bright gift cards of all Zorb.lv attractions.