Friends celebrations, joungsters parties, 10 Free Fun Party Game Ideas for the close circle of buddies

What can we do at a stag or hen celebration, birthday party, or any other gathering of closest friends?

 Figure out how to have fun, of course! has collected 10 original funny ideas for your holiday.

So that you will definitely remember the event we offer for the rest of your life!

1. Stone faces

This game will show who is the most cold-blooded among you or who has the most calm nerves.

Participants receive the same glasses one of which is filled with vodka, while the rest contain ultimate water.

The task is to drink their glass so that no one guesses who has the strong alcohol inside his/her glass. The task of the rest of people is to figure out who got the vodka.

2. Hunting in the city

It is necessary to pre-compile a list of items that hunters will need to get before you start this  activity.
Then you should divide into teams and collect all the “treasures” faster than the opponents. You can come up with your own ideas for hunting or use ours:

  1. Who collects the most female/male phone numbers.
  2. Who collects the most artefacts from each bar (e.g. business card,  bierdeckel, napkin, glass (SIC! This is already punishable).
  3. Who gets a drink from a stranger.
  4. Who takes more pictures of a certain action during the night, e.g. pissing boys (SIC! This is punishable as well).

3. Rebel

This game will help you find out who breaks the rules more often than others. The idea is to set up new rules every half hour.

Who is entangled in them and violated them should drink a penalty. Here you have some examples for inspiration:

  1. Speak with a new funny accent in every new pub.
  2. Do not look at your mobile phone for half an hour.
  3. Don’t spend more than 20 Eur in every bar.
  4. Don’t use the curse words.
  5.  Do not address each other by real names, use only previously accepted nicknames.

4. I never

Everyone has certainly heard about this game. The point is to say something interesting that you didn’t do. The one who did it should drink the penalty.

  1. I have never swum naked in the sea
  2. I have never had sex in a toilet
  3. I never rode a motorcycle
  4. I never took part in the election

5. Nobody gets away with it

 The host claims statements about the other guests. The one who mostly fits to the description is dipped with his face into a bucket filled with water.

Feature Ideas:

  1. I borrow money from him most of the time.
  2. She constantly interrupts the speaker
  3. He might drop by without farewell
  4. She comes late for all appointments.
  5. He is the funniest person in any company

If you have a sober winter party and no one wants to put their face in the water, the loser just drinks a glass and the party stops being sober and serious!

6.Never again

Everyone in turn should take a piece of paper and write his own allegation what the hero of the occasion will never do again.

One of the guests reads out this list, and the task of the honoured person is to guess who exactly wrote this or that statement.


A classic crocodile game in which one player goes to the center of the area and tries to explain with gestures the subject that another player called him secretly from the others.

The guesser replaces the player in the center.

This game can be great entertainment for a stag or hen party. All you have to do is set the game mood. For example, just mention everything that can be applied to the bride or the groom.

8. Help me get ready game

Suddenly the honoured person needs to get ready to the following event in his /her life. Please help hem / her to get ready to:

  1. a cruise
  2. the hospital,
  3. the beach,
  4. an interview
  5. the court

In order to do this, the participants of the event make their own list. The author of the most funny has been awarded.

9. Submarine Cocktail

You need a beer glass and a shot glass for this game.

An empty shot glass has to be lowered inside a glass of beer. Next, the players take turns dripping vodka into the glass.

The task is not to drown the shot glass to the bottom. Whoever drowns, he/she drinks the resulting ruff till the end!

10. Me has a helm!

Everyone remembers a children’s game for sure which goal is to clap the leader on the back?

And here you can see  an option for adults!

Well the victim puts a helmet, a pot or a bucket over his head, and everyone knocks on this helmet.

If you are discovered , you take wear the helm, yes!

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