Bubble or Zorb Football


Do you want to spend fun and sporty day with your friends or the coworkers? Zorb.lv offers exciting bumper ball game or zorb football inside 1.5 m. dia zorbs consisting of six air-filled segments. You wear bumper ball as a spacesuit and you can tumble, push and roll safely. Whatever you do, you won’t get injured, because the bumper ball game is totally safe. And if you assemble two teams and play real football, you can’t get enough fun and positiveness either between participants or spectators.

We offer to rent 8 zorb bubble bumper balls for playing Zorb football for two hours. The rent’s price is 200 Eur. Up to 24 balls are available upon request.

As to the playground you can always ask an advice from our representative by calling 29535888. We will advice you the best option where you can go to play exciting bubble ball or zorb football game — from the free open air space on Kipsala near the Cable Bridge up to indoor facilities at the different sports centers. We also bring bumperballs to your place (0.35 Eur / km x 2) and will take care of their service (30 EUR). All prices plus VAT 21%

Places to play Zorb football in Riga:

Бесплатную открытую площадку на Кипсале около Вантового моста.

Открытый стадион Рижской 85 средней школы в Пурвциемсе.

Крытые помещения пляжного спортивного центра Brazilija.


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