Bubble Zorb Football Bumperball Soccer as the most popular stag and hen activity in Riga

Zorb football also known as Bumperball, Bubble soccer became over the years a top activity for stag and hen parties, as well as the most popular entertainment for team building events. The bubble balls are always porular at any corporate party, sports game, children’s summer camps, city holidays and other mass events.

We offer the organization of this game in any suitable territory in the Baltics, provide the necessary equipment and provide instructions, as well as organize the whole event, taking into account all your requests and wishes.

 Zorb football as the best activity for stag parties in Riga

Our team has a lot of experience, so all our events are unique and inimitable, and your guests will definitely have a lot of fun remembering the event for a long time.

If you are a football fan or like active sports games and having fun in the company this attraction is created specially for you.

The meaning of Bubble football is that players put on transparent inflatable spheres of bumper balls and running around the field, trying to score the ball into the opponent’s goal.

Since the player forgets that there is half a meter of a transparent pillow around him during the game, this brings a lot of fun, laughter, and pleasure, emotions and positiveness for both teenagers and adults.

Bumper football can be played all year round – outdoors and indoors:

  • at the stadiums,
  • lawns,
  • beaches,
  • in school gyms,
  • indoor beach halls.

The Bubble football ball is made of high-strength TPU with the air filled between the two spheres. The ball is soft and light, which minimizes injury to a person during the game, but adds clumsiness bringing lot of  fun to your stag friends while playing zorb football.

The zorb football player is securely fixed in the ball, and the bulble ball is completely safe performing a soft shell that saves the player from collisions and injuries.

Bubble football is not a real sport, but it is a great substitute for sports training.

Playing zorb football you train coordination of movements and endurance, which allows you to have fun on vacation, stag or hen parties, corporate events and sporting games, as well as actively celebrate your birthday, or maybe just a meeting with friends and get a boost of energy and fun.

Get 60 minutes of powerful zorb fun charge from 25 Eur / a person,

If your company is small, we will find an individual approach to it.

We provide bubble football games on our site in Riga or deliver the equipment for zorb football to your wished field:

  1. up to 36 zorb balls for bothe kids and adults,
  2.  booster pump,
  3. cones for determining the perimeter of the gate,
  4. vests for marking the opposing team,
  5. soccer ball.

If you haven’t tried corporate Bubble Zorb Bumperball Soccer football yet, don’t miss the opportunity to contact us! You and your guests will receive a powerful boost of energy and a flurry of positive emotions for the whole company, which will remember the event in such an extraordinary style for a long time!

Attention stag, hen parties, as well as corporate and city activists!

Zorb.lv offers to organize any of our attractions at our site in Riga or delivers the equipment to the events at your fields throughout the Baltics.

We will be happy to offer your company a place and a transfer. You can play on our pitch in Riga (Purvciems) or use one of our partners’ halls (additional fee applies). For your convenience, we also offer a transfer service from / to the airport / hotel / next event.

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