Group and attraction delivery to the event place

Attraction delivery is possible anywhere in the Baltic States and beyond. Please contact us to book attractions for your event.

Delivery costs are calculated additionally to the normal rent price and are 0.35 Eur / km in both directions (but not less than 50 Eur).

Discounts are available when renting several attractions and / or renting for several days.

Inflatable and most other attractions require a 220 V power supply (if power is not available, we recommend to rent a car inverter with 12 V battery – 20 EUR).

Usually it takes up to 60 min before the start of activity to prepare the attractions.

Guest delivery to attraction venue

We offer to bring our guests to the venue and take you back to the desired place after the activity ends. Comfortable passenger minivans with driver are always at your service. The price is is considered individually starting from 15 Eur/h + fuel.

  • We offer to rent B-category passenger minibuses with 8 + 1 seats for your town and country trips.
    The price is from 50 Eur / 24h, depending on the number of rental days and the total run.

The vans are ideal for both city driving and long trips.

We offer to equip a van with video and Bluetooth systems, child seats, power transformer 12V / 220 V.

Price includes OCTA insurance.

Special rates for transfers (minivan’s hire with driver):

  • Riga Airport and back – 50 Eur
  • Kaunas Airport – 150 Eur,
  • Vilnius – 150 Eur,
  • Tallinn – 180 Eur.


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