Plinking as the shooting at tin cans in Riga

Shooting at tin cans in Riga is one of the most popular events at stag parties.

Shooting at non-standard targets like tin cans is called Plinking. The word comes from the sound of a bullet hitting a tin can “plink”.

Test your accuracy in real life! If you have played counter-strike or other shooters before, you can get now the real opportunity to test your accuracy in shooting at targets, namely beer cans from CO2 pistols.

Choose whether you want to shoot from a Beretta or a Makarov pistol, we will provide you with such an opportunity.

The meaning of this game is to knock down as many cans as possible in a limited time range.

The ride lasts one hour, so don’t waste your time shooting those dirty cans in cold blood! And while you hone your accuracy and destroy them, we’ll record your results.

You like to shoot simultaneously? Not a problem!

Each member of your company will have enough time to practice his / her accuracy and each will try it personally!


Get 1 hour of powerful plinking fun from 25 Eur/h a person.

If you have a small company, then we will find an individual approach to it. However, the more people participate in the entertainment, the cheaper it will be for everyone.


We offer to provide a shooting gallery from cans at our site in Riga or delivery of equipment for plinking to your field.

What's included:

  1. Two Co2 guns: Beretta and Makarov with 4.2mm metal ball ammunition
  2. 10+ full tin beer cans at the rate of 1 pc per guest,
  3. cones to determine the safe zone

Price (tax excl.):

from 25€/h per 1 person




Attraction durability – 1 hour. This takes instructions and the game itself.

Dress code

Sportswear, at least sports shoes are welcomed in participate in plinking.


  • The event takes place daily 24/7, but only by prior appointment by phone. +371 29535888.
  • In warm weather during summertime the activity takes place outdoors.
  • The possibility of renting premises is available upon request.

For your attention

This activity is not recommended for:

  • pregnant women,
  • people suffering from heart failure,
  • people with epilepsy,
  • people diagnosed with diabetes,
  • as well as those who have recently received various injuries.

Off-premise rental conditions

Off-premise rental conditions

  • ultimate attraction rent starts from 25 Eur/hour for 1 person.
  • Delivery and service have been calculated additionally.
  • Delivery is 0.50 Eur / km in both directions, but not less than 50 Eur.
  • All prices + VAT 21%.

  • Delivery of rides is possible anywhere in the Baltic States and beyond.
  • Discounts are available for renting of several attractions and / or several days of renting.
  • We offers to organize any of our attractions at our site in Riga or delivery of equipment to your field throughout the Baltics.


  • We need at least 30 min time to prepare the equipment before the start of activity.
  • When participating in the activity in winter or when the air temperature is below + 10°C, indoor premises are recommended, with an hour rental price of 50 Eur + VAT.
  • Gift Cards for all attractions are available at the Gift Shop – Warehouse and other gifts ideas agencies.
  • It is advisable to pre-register coupons and gift cards by e-mail or phone.
  • open events are available ONLY on good weather.
  • Please contact us to check the fact and time of the event happening before you plan to come.
  • The most actual information about the closer activities you can check on our FACEBOOK page

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